Digital Marketing

Reach consumers most likely to be interested in your products and services!

Multi Channel Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing on Google & Bing – Rise to the top of Page One to connect with prospects actively searching for your products & services. Search Engine Marketing is the intersection of Supply & Demand, positioning your business in front of customers in buying mode.
  • Search & Contextual Retargeting – delivering your message based on behavior, including those who most recently searched relevant keywords or reading-related content.
  • Email Marketing– reach in-box of best prospects targeting by GEO, Demo, and interests.  Email Sequence can include re-blast week later to all who opened the first email, plus added targeted via Mobile GEO and Display ads. B2B targeting by SIC code, job titles to reach decision-makers
  • Mobile Social GEO Fencing – targeting at the address level and up, including those who have visited your Business as well as Key Competitors.  We can also target matching postal addresses of everyone on the Email marketing list.   Your Business is the Conversion Zone, as we track walk-in traffic.  Other options include Consumer and B2B Convention & Trade Show GEO Fencing and GEO Fencing for Recruitment, to reach the passive job seeker.   Ads are served via to consumers on their favorite mobile apps, in their Facebook Newsfeed, and with cross-device matching, also via web display ads.
  • Social Media Marketing – Choose from leading channels, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and SnapChat. Target by GEO, Demo, Interests, Job Title, Industry.  Ad units include Video, Story Posts, Carousel ads.  Leverage your email and CRM data to build custom audiences and target Social Lookalikes and matched audiences.
Social Media Marketing from Relevant 1 Agency
Video Marketing
  • 24/7 Reporting Dashboard to track performance & measure ROI.
  • Video Production, Ad Design Services available.
  • Video Marketing – we produce compelling HD videos then target best prospects via YouTube, Pre-roll, Connected TV Networks, Social, Email, Mobile, Google Business listing. Did you know? Video is 8X more likely to be shared and viewed than standard media.
  • Custom Audiences & Lookalike Targeting– we leverage your website data to build profile of visitors by section, marketing key products by interest…as well as Lookalike prospects on the Web and in Social Media who match their profile.
  • Direct Mail Targeting – Full-Color oversized postcards deliver your message into the home, in-sync with digital – matching same GEO and message. Options include Carrier Route distribution, address specific delivery, and website retargeting.
  • Multi-Channel Site Retargeting – stay top of mind and surround those that visit your website with a retargeting campaign across multiple platforms including Web, Mobile, Social, Video, Email In-box, and Direct Mail.

Pamal Digital

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